Jazz Band

All The Things – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 4) – $40.00

A smooth ballad featuring a beautiful melody with lots of independent counter melodic material. The ranges of the brass parts require solid players in the lead and jazz chairs. Otherwise, most players will be challenged without being overwhelmed.

Bad Girl – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $40.00

This swing chart is accessible for your young players, while challenging your veterans.

El Diablo Azul – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $40.00

This Latin barn burner starts fast and sprints to the finish. Plenty of room for your soloists and a good challenge for you sax section towards the conclusion.

East Rutherford Blowout – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 5) – $45.00

Blowout is based on the traditional Russian folk song Meadowlands. Driving percussion lays down the groove behind a halftime feel sax melody. The trumpets pick things up moving into a piano solo. Several style and tempo changes are utilized depicting everything from Cossacks on the steppe to the conflict between Soviet socialism and Russian democracy. This chart is for the serious ensemble.

Fogbound – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $40.00

This shuffle opens big then lays back with an infectious groove. A strung out sax soli leads into a piano solo. The trombones set up the return of the groove building to a flat out race to the edge. This is great chart for developing and established ensembles.

Melancholy Mood – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 4) – $40.00

A reflective ballad in the style of Frank Sinatra or Harry Connick, Jr. Flute and tenor sax solos along with laid back male vocal part. Lead trumpet is written to high D with optional screamer part written if the player is available.

Shortcake – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $40.00

A straight ahead swing chart with a great groove. This chart is a great addition to any library.

Smokin’ – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $40.00

Smokin’ is a moderate jazz waltz that will keep you band excited and involved. An open solo section provides room for you soloists to strut their stuff.

Sunset At Half Moon Bay – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 4) – $40.00

A flugelhorn solo takes a lazy walk on the beach. A couple friends cascade along, enjoying the sun before it sinks below the horizon. Then the party begins! The up tempo latin dance features plenty of solo space for your jazzers to stretch out in the sand. The 6/8 ending hails the following morning’s sunrise, breaking up a night of fun.