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Concert Band Music

A Brief Tour of Music History – arr. by Shaun M. Owens (Grades 1-3) – $150.00
Your students will learn the highlights of western music history through performance of works of the greatest composers of all time. This Lecture Concert Series has excerpts of great works and is accessible for any middle and high schools groups. Your band will learn the core content in music history through performance of works by: Machault, Palestrina, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Stravinsky and others. The package includes an editable PowerPoint presentation, open response prompts, multiple choice tests and SmartMusic assignments ready to access your student’s knowledge. This is an instant concert program you can use as teaching tool for students and audience alike.

Waterford Suite – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 4) – $80.00
Written in honor of my father’s hometown in northwestern Pennsylvania, this three movement suite will be a perfect piece for concert festival. Mvt. 1- Picnic In The Park, is a happy beginning to the work. Mvt. 2 – Le Boeuf, is a slow stately tune featuring flute and tuba solo. Mvt. 3 – Centennial Celebration is a multi-meter work tying the composition together and looking towards the future.

Drive! – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 4) – $75.00
The title says it all. The commute many of us face daily portrayed in this fast paced and exciting work.

Equs – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $75.00
This exciting fanfare was written to commemorate the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games held in Lexington, KY.  At 2:30, this is makes a great opening statement for any concert.

Kentucky Days – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 4) – $60.00
This piece reflects the westward expansion of the new country at the dawn of the 19th century. Horn players will be challenged, but not overwhelmed by this composition. The ensemble is given lots of opportunity for expressive playing.

Take Me Home – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 3) – $60.00
Take Me Home expresses the story of reflection back upon a life well lived. Based on old Welsh folk song, each choir has the opportunity to play this tune in a variety of settings. This piece is a tearjerker, sure to leave your audience uplifted.

Over There – by George M. Cohan arr. by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 2.5) – $50.00
Written in 1917, this American classic was a rallying cry for the folks at home prior to the US entry into the Great War.  This short march is perfect for any concert.

My Old Kentucky Home – by Stephen Foster arr. by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 2.5) – $50.00
Your group will sound great playing this expressive chorale setting. The overall shape is a bell curve, starting softly while growing to the fullness of the “B” phrase, then slowly fading away to a distant solo (cued in several parts). This arrangement of Stephen Foster’s beautiful song is a necessary addition to any library.

Egyptination – by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 1.5) – $30.00
You’ll hear the wind blowing across the sand. Birds in the Nile River delta are heard in the creative flute head joint effects. the reflective beginning winds up with the clarinets taking over telling the story of the pharaohs rule with an bronze fist. Your students will ask to play this tune over and over.

Maxwell March –  by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 1) – $30.00
This easy march uses the first 7 notes of the Bb Major scale.  It is  a great piece to introduce march style.  Liberal use of doubling allows this work to be played with flexible instrumentation.

Twinkle Variations – by W. A. Mozart arr. by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 1) – $30.00
Mozart’s very early composition set for elementary band. Each section is clearly marked creating a valuable tool for teaching theme and variations form and structure.

Mary’s Small Sheep – arr. by Shaun M. Owens (Grade 1) – $30.00
This elementary band arrangement of Mary is a great closer for that first concert. The ranges are all Bb to F with the exception of the trombones adding low A and the clarinets playing written F#, Ab and low G. This piece is great for teaching form and beginning part playing.

30 Bach Chorales for Band, Vol. 1 – arr. by Shaun M. Owens – $7.00
These 4 part chorales are arranged so each instrument can play any part (SATB). This collection is a great tool for teaching sightreading, listening, chord structure, theory and advanced tuning.  Available for Conductor (Keyboard), Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinets/Trumpet, TC Baritone, Eb Saxophones, Tenor Saxophone, F Horn, Trombone/Baritone/Bassoon & Tuba. Please indicate specific quantities and parts when ordering.

30 Bach Chorales for Band, Vol. 2 – arr. by Shaun M. Owens – $7.00
Thirty more gems from the Baroque master.

30 Bach Chorales for Band, Vol. 3 – arr. by Shaun M. Owens – $7.00
Thirty more from the Baroque master.

30 Bach Chorales for Orchestra, Vol. 1 – COMING SOON!

Defender Warmups – arr. by Shaun M. Owens FREE!
Daily routine for High School Band.